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EMS offers a variety of ballot box options

Ballot boxes are available in plastic, poly-carbonate, canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, and acrylic. You can also choose from eco-friendly, stacked, and folding ballot box options. Many ballot boxes are available in a mix-and-match option where different sized boxes use the same lid. Our ballot boxes are strong, durable, and can be translucent, transparent or opaque.

polypropylene Ballot Box

The Perfect Ballot Box

Collapsible, 6 piece, secure, transparent, and unbreakable 50 litre ballot box. Four interlocking identical sides made of high-quality polycarbonate sheets, a tough plastic used for a variety of applications, such as bulletproof windows. Sides fit/interlock together. Top and base are made with quality polypropylene and securely interlock with the assembled four sides. Once assembled, it is one of the most secure tamper evident boxes on the market. Disassembled, it fits into a compact cardboard box 30 X 45 X 3 cm and weighs 2.4 kg, for easy handling, storage and shipping. Unique style and format that will last virtually indefinitely if handled and stored properly. Secure ballot slot is .8 X 28 cm and closes with a separate plastic seal.

plastic ballot box with ballot slot

Plastic Ballot Box

Available in a range of sizes/volumes, from 40 litre to over 110 litre capacities, with interchangeable lids and a locking device for sealing. 5 plastic Pull-Tite seals (see Seals) are recommended per plastic ballot box.

Two ballot slot widths are available: 8 mm standard slot size, or 20 mm oversize slot size to accommodate a wider range of ballot sizes. When sealed, a tamper-proof locking ballot slot and interior ridges prevent penetration or tampering with ballots. Printing of custom graphics and hot stamping is also available. In post polling, plastic ballot boxes make excellent storage bins to secure materials.

corrugated plastic ballot box

Corrugated Plastic Ballot Box

One flat piece that opens up to form an interlocking box using tab inserts. Available with transparent sheets on one or all sides for security. Available in white and clear plastic (shown). It can be closed using adhesive security self-stick paper labels or 8 pull tight seals.

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