Electoral Management Systems

Electoral Management Systems

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High Security Printing Solutions

EMS provides innovative high security printing solutions for registrations, ballot papers, voter ID cards, result sheets, and voter registers.

We supply a complete range of all printing techniques for high security printing, like wet and dry offset, ink jetting, numbering, hot foil stamping and all kind of hybrid combinations. 


Reliable and On Time

We print reliably, on time and in compliance with the highest standards.

Our products fully comply with all the relevant Industry recommendations regarding product security. Fluorescent and erasable inks, indelible numbering, OCR, Gothic and Bar code numbering are all used.

Tamper evident, re-enforced tape can be used to pack the goods. The final products can be shipped in tamper-evident packaging and dispatched by an approved security carrier.


Secure Facilities

Our premises and production facilities have complete state of the art security systems that monitor internally and externally. Every document produced is fully accounted for and all waste is securely disposed of. We extend our welcome to you or your officials for any inspections or audit purposes that may be required on site.

The reliability and integrity of the ballots and other items manufactured has a direct impact on the future of democracies and/or individuals. Security is top priority and production is carried out in tightly regulated, strictly protected premises accessed by computerized controls and monitoring systems.

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Electoral Management Systems

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