Electoral Management Systems

Electoral Management Systems

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Last minute panic buying, and procurement are the direct result of poor materials management, and is not a sustainable long-term solution. In many cases electoral management bodies find it easier to replace materials than properly manage and maintain them through quality control, appropriate storage, and good inventory processes. Inventory management is an element of the electoral cycle that is often neglected. However, it is fast becoming one of the most important fundamentals necessary for holding free and fair elections on time.

‚ÄčEMS can provide expert advice for inventory management and the maintenance of electoral goods and materials needed by electoral management bodies seeking to improve their control over valuable polling materials and assets. Whether for manual controls of a  small amount of existing products or complex handling and storage of large volumes of polling day materials, EMS can provide highly qualified expertise and assistance in this important area. We provide electoral management bodies the assurance of long-term quality control for a most important feature in the electoral cycle and an essential prerequisite for a successful and peaceful vote.


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Electoral Management Systems

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