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A fresh new year is once again upon us and on behalf of the staff of Electoral Management Systems Inc / Systèmes de Gestion Électorale (EMS-SGE), I would like to wish all our partners, friends, EMBs and other stakeholders a very Happy New Year and year of  happiness, health, success and peace to each and every one.

Help us fill in all those new blank pages on a new and exciting electoral calendar year by sharing your stories of successful accomplishments and outstanding achievements with us. Together, we can make 2019 a year for positive democratic change and awareness.

At EMS we believe the new year promises new and exciting opportunities for progress and achievements.  And in a spirit of providing increased support to free and fair elections, we at EMS will be doing our part in a very big way.

From  the sale of such items as high-quality voter ink stain and other goods, and/or services we provide, EMS will donate a portion of the modest profits generated from our sales to our sister agency and NGO, the Canadian Organization for Democratic Elections (CODE Canada), in support of their Good Governance, Democracy and Elections initiatives in new and emerging democracies.

A pencil is a pencil is a pencil regardless of where you get it, so why not see the benefits of valuable resources from your budgets find their way back home to support democracy initiatives. Through this unique opportunity we offer your commission a means of maximizing the value of funds in a very positive way by supporting the local initiatives and on-the-ground work of CODE Canada by purchasing your election materials and services from EMS.

It is an opportune time to assure invaluable financial resources find a way to benefit the greater good and support democracy and governance in Africa, and the rest of the world.

At EMS, we are dedicated to continued long-term sustainable support and progress through a strong commitment to building democracies worldwide. We ask and hope that you  will do the same. Please contact us to learn more and find out how, together, we can make a difference and support free and fair elections and good governance.

Indelible voter ink stain in standard bottle format

Indelible voter ink stain in standard bottle format