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The EMS Kitting Method of procuring and delivering pre-assembled voter registration and polling kits improves security, reduces costs, and builds the supply chain management capacity of local Electoral Management Body human resources.

All materials are available in bulk for local assembly into kits or can be pre-assembled and delivered in ready to use, completed kits. All kits are customized and made to your specifications. For the most appropriate and cost-effective method of providing country wide distribution of election and registration materials, the kitting method is by far your best option for secure and safe delivery.

Typically polling kits may contain, but not limited to, the following: signage banners, pens, pencils, paper, secure and ordinary envelopes, calculators, paper or pull-tite seals, rulers, erasers, tapes, tools, padlocks, scissors, binders, booklets, staplers, clips, glue sticks, and more.

Kit boxes are available in a wide range of materials and formats, including: cardboard kit boxes; corrugated plastic kit boxes, with separate lids or fold-down lids, that are waterproof, and come in a range of colours; and various types of plastic kit boxes, shaped for nesting or pack flat for easy handling and transport.

Typical polling or voter registration kit

Typical polling or voter registration kit

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