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The Franklin voting booth

The Franklin® V/4 Polling Booth

Manufactured from modern engineering materials and tested to the most rigorous standards. This four compartment booth can be set up as a two, a three or a four to suit the space available.

The Franklin® V/4 is unique, in that all compartments are accessible to wheelchair users, or those who need to sit while voting and the two available table heights means that the voter gets to choose which table height is most suitable for their needs. This feature means that the product complies with the principle of universal accessibility.

corrugated plastic voting booth

Cardboard or Corrugated Plastic Voting Booth

Stand-alone private one or two-piece cardboard or corrugated plastic voting booth, with wax coating available for extended life or water and/or pest resistance. Standard colours are brown and white.

Printing is available on one or all sides, in black and white or full colour with logo. 

Assembly instructions are printed on one side making the voting booths easy to set-up and they can be collapsed to a flat form for storage and shipping.

cardboard voting booth

Standard dimensions are approximately 150 cm X 50 cm deep, by 60 cm wide, with a writing surface at 100 cm.

Made from recyclable fluted corrugated cardboard. 60'' tall overall, with the writing surface standing at a comfortable 39''. The entire writing surface is 20'' deep by 23'' wide.

Custom packing and delivery available.

Includes hard surface for marking of ballots.

Supplied in packs of 2 booths with at least 2 supportive strapping and wrapped in plastic.

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